We work closely with the district in all action planning to help set a path of success for the students we work with.

River Social Workers address the psychological and social well-being of students, ranging from elementary school to high school students. They provide social-emotional strategies, coping skills, and counseling to develop students' ability to adapt to the academic demands and peer interactions in the school setting.

River School social workers are highly equipped in helping students, parents, and school staff to work together to solve problems by communicating and providing referrals to other resources. 

Our school social workers also maintain case files and reports to track student problems and progress and to recognize patterns in behavior. 

River Social Workers provide customized plans for each student including 1:1 therapy, group therapy or social groups.  Our Social Workers incorporate games, role playing, power statements and mindfulness techniques to allow students to feel comfort sharing their feelings, concerns or fears they face daily. 


Our social workers can help with:

  • Tracking student problems
  • Anxiety issues
  • Student functionality in school environments
  • Mandated reporting
  • Assess students
  • Counseling or treatment plans
  • Maintain case files and reports
  • Workshops to staff
  • Crisis prevention