River School Therapies provides licensed and Certified Occupational Therapists and Certified Occupational Therapy Assistants to work closely with the district to ensure the chosen treatment plan will be followed and monitored to achieve the stated goals.

River certified OTs and COTAs attend to the multi-sensory, self-help, and fine motor needs of each student from exploring tactile input options to trialing adapted pencils for hand-writing goals so that students perform at their highest possible level by building their independence to participate in all school activities that bring meaning to their lives. 

River Occupational Therapists are trained to look at the whole child- including the psychological, physical, emotional, social, and sensory abilities.

We help children; achieve their goals, function at their highest possible level, maintain and/or rebuild their independence and participate in everyday activities that bring meaning to their lives. For children, this may include playing, writing in the classroom, or feeding or dressing themselves. Our occupational therapists work with children with a wide range of abilities and our therapy focuses on:

school-pediatrics-coverage-occupational therapy

OTs Can Help:

  • Organizational skills
  •  Strength, range of motion and coordination
  •  Sensory motor training
  •  Development of activities of daily living skills
  •  Development of fine motor skills and handwriting
  • Personalized activity schedules
  • Visual perception skills and visual motor skill
  • Community integration
  • Pre-Vocational skills
  • Sensory integration therapy