• River staff is dedicated to children and passionate about providing the highest quality of care for each student. 
  • River provides therapy that goes above and beyond expectations by involving teachers and family into treatment plans and ensuring that goals are functional for the student across environments. 
  • River provides various service models to meet your district’s needs within your budget.
  • River is flexible and easy to work with.
  • River also provides home-based Early Intervention services, which influences our staff to consider unique family needs when planning educational goals. River therapists are trained to evaluate the function behind each goal and how it affects the child in and out of the class room. River wants students to succeed in all aspects of life.
  • River is managed by a prior School Employee that understands the inside workings of a district from scheduling therapy times with teachers to the importance of writing data driven measurable IEP goals.

Our Story

River School Therapies is a sister company to River Pediatric Therapies, which provides Early Intervention and clinical therapy services to an average of a thousand children a week the Greater Pittsburgh Area.  River has two offices, one in Fox Chapel and one in Cranberry Township. 

River Pediatric Therapies was created in 2000 by owner and CEO, Cherie River, who was inspired to become a Speech Language Pathologist when her nephew Harrison was born with Down Syndrome.  He is now an adult and continues to make new progress each day! 

Forward- thinking, searching for creative answers, and being abreast of current therapy techniques will have a substantial value in each child’s education plan. Cherie River started the first 8 years of her career in the public school system at Pittsburgh Public Schools.  This “on the job” experience has allowed Cherie to develop and tailor a school-based model to deliver services in an effective and most efficient style within the school setting.

River School Therapies embraces the unique needs of each district.  River understands the nuances of serving families in both socio-economically challenged environments as well as the interests and concerns of affluent communities. 

Our therapists understand the dynamics that each school faces, helping them to connect with the students and gaining rapport with the families.


Our Approach

River prioritizes building relationships with the staff at each district as a basis for a healthy working partnership. 

Open communication between administration, teachers and therapists encourage the most efficiency and progress for each student. 

River has a positive track record of staying on course with district goals.  We provide fast turn-around on evaluations, reports, and IEP development. Our goal is to submit reports ahead of the 60 day compliance guidelines. 

River strives for 100% accuracy with both state and district terminology requirements on all paperwork and documentation. 

Our management team stays in close contact with each administrator to ensure satisfaction with our services.  River is eager to make any adjustments needed to maintain the highest quality service that your district deserves. 

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We at River School Therapies understand the path and process of finding the right development program for your students, because we have walked that path. Now, let us take the next step together.