Our Team

River employs staff that is dedicated to serving children and have a passion for making a difference in a student’s life.  Our employees are known to bring a sense of energy and joy into the workplace through a positive attitude and an excitement to help children . 

River staff are continuously trained in current trends in education and certified with cutting edge programs such as Interactive Metronome or new applications for communication on the I-Pad.

Because our reputation heavily depends upon the quality of our staff, River only hires the most equipped professionals that have a team mentality. We work with your district to ensure that our staff is a pleasure to work with, extremely reliable, accurate, and independent.

By partnering with River School Therapies, we make the operations of your school district easier with our experienced team of professionals who are dedicated to your district’s success.

  • Staff operates with utmost integrity with evaluation results. 

  • Staff adheres to each individual district’s goals and priorities.

  • Therapists are flexible and easy to merge into your current district routines and expectations. 

  • River staff strives for 100% compliance on all Evaluation Reports, IEP documentation, and timelines.    


River staff meets Pennsylvania state criteria with current certificates and licensure, clearances, and educational requirements.

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